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Welcome to the Cilento National Park, an uncontaminated place, rich in biodiversity and history.

Here, in the heart of Campania, is where our company has chosen to produce wines and oils of refined quality, which arise from a unique combination of tradition and experience .


grappoli di uva nelle mani

Our philosophy

The love

for the earth

Enhance a territory
full of potential

Quality at the origin

The choice of native clones
low production

Tradition and modernity

Making wine to bring the qualitative exaltation of our grapes and our traditions into the bottle


Giving our best to be able to see the precious fruits of our daily commitment grow every day

The vineyards and olive groves

Our vineyards and olive groves are located in one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the Mediterranean; here the vines and olive trees, of centuries-old history, grow in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

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